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"Digiquest Academy, from course detail - to academics - to facilities and equipment - upfront, seemed to 'beat' any opposing tertiary institution offering the same media programs. During my time here, Digiquest Academy has surely lived up to my expectations, and fulfilled everything that I had wanted. With extremely talented lecturer's, all with a great deal of experience in the industry, the nicest and warmest staff members, a literal 'open-door' policy with respect to any questions/queries and the BEST equipment, the institute is amazing”.

Tirupathi Reddy

Diploma in VFX, 2012-13

"Choosing where to study is always a crucial component in our journey after secondary education and professional guidance. When I joined here, I found myself taking the right steps towards my goals. At Digiquest, there is an environment where you feel free to consult your lecturers both on technical and creative matters. Students are able to access to top-class studio and work on projects. You have the equipment where you can spend long hours learning your way and a sea of tools and support when your ideas manifest into reality is what I wanted. Digiquest was the right answer”!


Master Diploma in Multimedia, 2012-14

"The staff and students were more family and friends than anything. The experience was built on honesty, openness and hard work. Thanks to the many opportunities that were given, I was able to build great relationships and work well throughout the year. My participation as a member of the Digiquest family and experience was amazing. Meeting industry professionals and networking was a bonus for me. I am more than glad I started my career formally with them, and I would recommend that many more people join our team.

Pradeep Kumar

Master Diploma in Multimedia, 2012-14

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Shuchindram Kurkreti, 1st year - BFA (Animation & Gaming)

Kamal Thakur, Diploma in VFX