Courses Offered

BFA in Animation & VFX

Visual Effects

The BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Animation and VFX trains you in the skills needed to produce powerful image concepts.

BFA in Animation & Gaming


The BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) course in Animation and Gaming is a vehicle to learn the concepts of basic game development...

BFA in Movie Making

Movie Making

BFA in Digital Media is a 4 year Professional Under Graduate Programme and the Degree is awarded by JNAFA University..

BFA in Movie Making

UI / UX Designing

Set over a course of 4 months, the course includes a face-to-face classes and a mandatory project...

Master Diploma in Multimedia Professional

Multimedia Professional

The Master Diploma aims to produce graduates with a broad range of multimedia production skills..

Diploma in Editing (Film/T.V)

Non linear Editing

The course in Advanced Editing will give you the ability to take on many roles within the film-making process beginning with scriptwriting.

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